May 1, 2016

When I was in my teens before my London adventure , I spent a summer backpacking around Europe and had Mallorca in the Baleric islands as my base . My fathers friends owned and ran a guitar center there and I spent most of the summer back and forth exploring Europe and returning often to the comfort of the beautiful island . I went once to Ibiza during this time and although I have not returned to Mallorca – I have been to Ibiza many times since –  if you were to google it you would find its called the party island – yet it is SO much more – the music scene is huge with all the top DJs and beach clubs -recently I was told it is built on rose quartz which explains the friendly. Loving and carefree feeling that overwhelms here . It’s also called the hippie island – so inspiring – also there is yoga – meditation and wine vineyards / I feel like a place here of some sort is in my future and so grateful for the amazing new friends I have met on this visit!


April 18, 2016

So we got married at Finsbury Town Hall, in my Christian Dior suit! my family came and all of our friends celebrating a beautiful day ….I could now work legally – I started temping – and did everything from secretarial to being a dental hygenist (that is not spelled right) for the day – which was nuts as I saw the dentist pull a tooth among other things – I certainly do not know how I ended up doing that ! I found an American company and started selling timeshare in a beautiful restored building in Sloane Square – I was around other Americans and that was great , but after some time there, I realized it was not my passion….I decided to go apply at one of my favorite fashion stores : Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge – it was a few blocks from Harrods and was far more chic and exclusive… got the JOB! and started in the junior department with a bunch of fun young Brits, we had free passes to Stringfellows , which was a hot club at the time, met George Michael there ( my claim to fame!LOL) among other soon to be celebrities – Harvey Nichols being THE place to be as far as designers, it was the 80’s and Claude Montana, Norma Kamali, shoulder pads, the power woman look – but they also carried young unknown designers, one hit wonders, which really inspired me as I look back, to not be afraid, to not believe that you have to have a business plan and sense and money to do what you love – if I love fashion, just do that, be smart, stay with integrity, treat others as you would like to be treated, the Golden Rule! at this time I also started studying A Course in Miracles


get real or go home

April 14, 2016

sooo – after working in several pubs, and running the market stall, which was fun – but was only weekends – I didn’t have a permit to work and I was young with much ambition and doing something bigger has always called me – I wanted to do a boutique – Covent Garden was just being converted from a flower market into beautiful boutiques and that was a dream of mine…to much to bite off at the time as I still had so much to learn – London was so great – I watched the courtship and marriage of Lady Di and Prince Charles, meeting her later (another story) had a great education in fashion by shopping too much! always looking for a new designer – I had a job interview with Zandra Rhodes where I was asked to cut chiffon on the bias and I had NO idea what that meant but just went with full confidence and did it- and no, I did not get the job! I had to leave to go home at least every 6 months because of my visa and it was getting tiresome …. SO! Marriage it was ! My father and I would send eachother tapes of what was happening rather than letters – and he just recently gave me a bunch of them from that time. It is so rich that I have these as I listen to this younger version of me that is so wise ! wiser than me now in some ways…. She believed so much in herself – she knew that she was her best investment ! she bet on herself – she did relationship way better than me! ………

a blog

April 9, 2016


a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.
so after several messages…I am going to act on it…. a blog … short for web-log – I have basically been using mine for pictures… I look at the pics and laugh at the memory – but do not often share the memory – I am not great at writing – my thoughts too fast and my spelling and grammar are awful – explains why I often put my foot in my mouth – so please don’t be too critical of me:)
probably maybe end up videoing might be better but here goes….
I have been asked lately how this that I do has come to what it is now…
I think things are always in you …. if its an idea or dream on some level it is real and it can be manifested where you are here and now –
even before I lived in London I was the rebel student – wearing crazy stuff and ditching class
London gave me the freedom to be me as I was not the most eccentric person on the tube, in the pub, markets, and restaurants… I fell in LOVE and moved quickly with him a Cockney… his family lived down he Old Kent Road, and his father friends of the Kray Brothers … I learned to keep quiet about what was going on as it was all a bit “dodgy” -got a job at a pub at London Bridge 2 weeks after I had been there ..light and bitter? shandy? what? the drinks so foreign and learned fast – found Camden Market and got in there with a booth ..started sewing, and friended other designers – who were all doing there art and accidently making money at it = but the money wasn’t the thing it was that expression of spirit or their soul – my soul that keeps pushing me to create yet one more thing – it so cool… 2Bcontinued…..OHHHH did I say it was the 80’s!!!
kingsroad1_1863755i boy-storefront パンクファッションイメージ2

NYC Fashion Week

February 26, 2016

Love doing the Designers & Agents show and working with my NYC reps at X-tige – great to see the other designers that have become my twice a year pals – awesome show and fun times cruising the city – always love this energetic place – as I exit the plane I just hop on the ride and go…go…go..!




@katharinestory #nyc

February 21, 2016

Doing Designer and Agents show in Chelsea – great to meet connect with my existing boutiques and meet new boutique buyers to sell too! All time favorite is Gilda’s in Newton MA – she has sold my vintage lace pieces for years – love being represented by such a fabulous boutique!



January 18, 2016


Holidays in Laguna

December 21, 2015


SAN MIGUEL de Allendes …… as beautiful as they say

November 24, 2015





October 25, 2015


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